Introducing the Travel With Jane affiliates program

Refer your audience to Travel With Jane travel insurance and earn 15% from every policy sold through our affiliate program.

How you can earn 15% from every customer you refer

We all prefer getting tips on travel insurance from people they trust. If you’re an Australian online business or blog with a customer database, a website or an email list you can generate extra revenue by linking visitors from your site to ours through an approved button or text link. For every visitor that becomes a customer, you’ll earn 15% of their policy value, as a commission.

For example, if one of your referrals buys a policy worth $100, you’ll earn $15. By recommending Travel With Jane travel insurance to your database, your earnings could really add up.

Your own Subdomain

Once visitors click on a referral link from your site, they arrive on a Travel With Jane landing page where they can buy their travel insurance. This page is a subdomain of the Travel With Jane site. It can be branded with your chosen colour palette and an uploaded logo. Your subdomain will also include your name in the URL, like businessname.travelwithus.com.au. In this way, your audience is ushered from your site, to your travel insurance referral page, easily and safe in the knowledge they’ve been recommended a great product by you.

How we pay you

We transfer your total commission at the end of each quarter using a direct deposit. To ensure transparency, you can track your referrals and conversions through your Travel With Jane Affiliates dashboard.

How you can track and manage your partnership

To ensure transparency we provide real time updates on your referral account. Once you’ve signed up, you can log in to your Travel With Jane Affiliates dashboard where you’ll be able to track your referrals and conversions. From here you can update your details, and check in on your earnings.

Get started

You can get started today and be earning a commission on referrals within no time. The most important thing is that you feel happy recommending Travel With Jane to your trusting audience, so scope us out at travelwithus.com.au or get in touch with our team if you have any specific questions you’d like answered. We’re excited to get you on board and share the magic of friendlier travel insurance with Australia!

Travel With Jane now offers great value insurance with great coverage and at the competitive prices you'd expect from one of Australia's best insurers.

If you have a customer database, a website or an email list you can generate extra revenue by linking customers from your site to our site using an approved text link or banner.

Get started

You can get started today and be earning commission within a few days.

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Please view our FAQs section or simply email us at partners@insuredbyus.com